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Cannabis pour la douleur Sativa

Le cannabis pour le traitement de la douleur | Gros plan sur la meilleure variété à dominante sativa (et pourquoi le terme "sativa" est dépassé)

Many individuals in the UK living with pain are finding cannabis as a potential pain relief option. Sativa-dominant strains are a particularly intriguing solution and continue gaining traction for their refreshing and uplifting properties and their potential for pain relief. Sativa is known for its ability to combat depression, anxious feelings, stress, and much more. Here’s all about the sativa-dominant strains of Cannabis for pain relief.

Rethinking Cannabis: Beyond Indica and Sativa

Debunking the Traditional Classification

The long-standing classification of cannabis into indica and sativa, based on the physical attributes of the Cannabis indica and Cannabis sativa plants, has been foundational in cannabis culture. However, this binary categorisation is now seen as overly simplistic, failing to represent the complexity of cannabis effects accurately.

Cannabinoids, notably THC and CBD, are the primary drivers of the psychoactive and therapeutic effects of cannabis, while terpenes contribute to the strain’s aroma and influence its overall impact. Therefore, the actual effects of a cannabis strain are less determined by its indica or sativa lineage and more by its specific chemical composition. This shift in understanding moves the focus from physical characteristics to the nuanced interplay of cannabinoids and terpenes.

This evolution in understanding represents a significant shift in the cannabis industry. It encourages a more scientific approach to classifying and selecting cannabis strains, focusing on the desired effects rather than traditional and now outdated classifications. This more nuanced perspective is particularly important for medicinal users, who can benefit from a more tailored approach to selecting strains based on their specific therapeutic needs.

In 2023, strains are still typically classified using indica/sativa, so the following information is based on this.

‘Best Sativa Strains For Pain Relief’

According to The Journal of Headache and Pain, over 2000 pain patients participated in an extensive study to determine which cannabis strains were most preferred for various common types of pain.

List of Sativa strains for pain relief

These strains are listed as sativa or sativa-dominant (but will each come with a spectrum of effects)

1. Green Cush
2. Island Sweet Skunk
3. Jack Herer
4. Lemon Sour Diesel
5. Sour Diesel
6. Strawberry Cough (SBC)
7. Alien OG (Hybrid that can lean Sativa)
8. Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) (Hybrid that can lean Sativa)
9. Headband (Hybrid that can lean Sativa)

The potential benefits of using strains of cannabis for pain relief are mood-elevating effects, energising sensations, headache relief, and mild pain relief.

In the study referenced above, pain patients overall prefer hybrids and indica for direct pain relief. At the same time, sativa is more helpful in providing stress relief, increased focus, and potentially much more.

Even though pain patients recommend which strains they prefer for each type of pain, it’s important to understand that experiences vary from person to person and are based on individual anecdotes.

The best strain that will work for your pain might not even be on this list of pain patients in the research experience offered their opinions on their preference.

medical cannabis for pain

Ultimately, what strain works best for your unique pain will be highly individualistic based on your medical history, current state of health, body chemistry, and potentially much more.

Before adding cannabis to your traditional pain relief routine, it’s important to consult with your primary specialist doctor to verify that you can safely take Cannabis for Pain.

Nom de la souche Description Potential Effects Effectiveness for Pain
Green Cush This strain is known for its strong cerebral effects and boost of energy. It can provide a sense of happiness and creativity. It is moderate, with uplifting effects to distract from the pain and provide some muscle relaxation. This has balanced, uplifting and creative cerebral effects with mild body relaxation.
Island Sweet Skunk This strain is Energetic, uplifting, and creative with mild body relaxation. It is known for its energetic effects, stimulating creativity and providing a pleasant euphoria. This is known for its stimulating cerebral effects and moderate body relaxation.
Jack Herer Named after the cannabis activist, this strain provides a balance of cerebral and physical effects. This has balanced effects and can benefit physical pain and related fatigue or mood symptoms. It is good with balanced effects for mood and physical pain symptoms.
Diesel citron acidulé It’s very good for strong body relaxation, which can particularly benefit physical pain. It is energetic and uplifting, with moderate body relaxation. It’s uplifting and euphoric and can provide a sense of relaxation without sedation.
Diesel acide This strain is very popular for its energising and mood-boosting effects. This is highly uplifting and energising, with low body relaxation factors. It’s good and can help with mood-related symptoms and provide mild physical relaxation.
Strawberry Cough (SBC) It is known for its uplifting effects and potential to relieve stress and anxiety. It is moderate and has energising effects for fatigue, but it may be less effective for severe physical pain. This is very good, with balanced effects for physical pain and related mood symptoms.
Alien OG (Sativa dominant) This strain is known for its strong cerebral effects and a potent body high. This has potent cerebral effects with a strong body high. It is very good with a potent body high that can be particularly beneficial for physical pain.
Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) (Sativa dominant) This strain is known for its strong euphoria and body relaxation. It has strong euphoria and body relaxation, with a degree of cerebral creativity. It’s uplifting and euphoric and can provide a sense of relaxation without sedation.
Headband (Sativa dominant) It’s very good for strong body relaxation, which can particularly benefit physical pain. It’s balanced for body relaxation and cerebral uplift. This is known for the sensation of a “headband” around the head and provides balanced effects.

The versatility and range of the effects you can experience with each sativa strain offer a promising avenue for pain relief. More research is ultimately required to understand better how specifically each sativa strain works best for different types of pain. You may need to experiment with a few strains to determine which works best.


While using cannabis for pain relief is becoming increasingly popular, it’s crucial to remember that the effectiveness of each strain may vary based on your individual needs and body chemistry.

Research and anecdotal evidence suggest that cannabis strains, which have energising and mood-boosting properties, may offer some relief from pain, particularly when it is associated with stress, anxiety, or fatigue.

It’s important to consult your specialist doctor before starting any new treatment regimen. Additionally, it’s essential to remember that Cannabis for Pain treatment can have some side effects, so it’s important to start with a low dose and increase gradually. Always consult with a specialist doctor before adding cannabis to your soulagement de la douleur routine.